In the year 1910, after only two years of tearful prayer and supremely intense Sadhana of Srimat Upendramohan, then a Deputy Magistrate at Monghyr, Lord Shriman Narayana in His Infinite Mercy appeared before him in his room, at midnight
and proposed to take him to Sri Vaikunthadham on His chariot. The intensity and penetrating profundity of Shrimat Upendramohan’s deep devotion and sublime submission can only be remotely guessed far from being adjudged from this divine, awe inspiring episode. From his deepest feelings, always awaiting eagerly to realise His Will, with tears in his eyes, he most politely and in all humility exclaimed as to how he could leave this earth without spreading the message of Shri Hari’s Infinite Mercy to the entire world!Lord Narayana, said “If you do not accompany me now, immense distress and tribulation will befall upon you.” But, most humbly did Sri Upendramohan reiterate his deepest noble pledge, overwhelmed with deep gratitude to tell the world about the Lord’s limitless compassion and infinite mercy towards the human race.

To save the honour of Sati, Saints, Dharma Shastras and truth he took up the responsibility of protecting Dharma on Earth. He enjoyed the blessing and unstinting support from Great saints like Jagadguru Shankaracharya (especially The Periwal– Sri
Chandrasekharendra Saraswatiji Maharaj, Kanchi Kamakoti Peethadheesh), Sri Balaram
Swamiji Maharaj of Ayodhya, Sri Sudarshan Shastri of Sri Ranganath temple of Sri Vrindavan, Sri Mahavir Dasji of Jhusi, (Mahamandaleswar of Kumbh mela, Prayag), to name only a few, and transformed the life of a large number of scholars, pundits, scientists, academicians, elites and ascetics. Sri Upendramohan vowed to wage a relentless,uncompromising and irreconcilable war against sin and falsehood, untruth and injustice, ingrained ingratitude and devilish debauchery, profligate promiscuity and voluptuous vulgarity, scientific superstition and vile vanity, and anything else that goes against the Shastras.

He wrote many books and finally TRUTH, the weekly magazine was born on the Bengali New Years day in 1933.

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