‘Gurukul’ Education System Sees Revival

Roshan Gupta writes under the above
caption in The Statesman, 10.05.2019 :–
The lost glory of traditional education system practised in India during ancient times, the
Gurukul system, has seen a revival at the Triveni Sanskrit Vidyapith (TSV) at Champasari in Siliguri. The Acharyas (teachers) of the school are of the opinion that the importance of the Sanskrit language and recitations of the Vedas have become obsolete and such an institution has been established to revive old traditions.

A Gurukul is a residential schooling system, the origin of which dates back to around 5000 BC in the Indian sub-continent. It was more prevalent during the Vedic age, where students were taught various subjects and how to live a cultured and disciplined life. Gurukul was actually the home of the Acharyas and was the centre of learning where pupils resided till their education was complete.The shisya (student) and the guru (teacher) resided in the same houses. Shisyas did not pay fees to learn in the Gurukul, though the Gurus could ask for Guru-Dakshina.

TSV was established in 2001 on a plot of 10 katthas of land donated by Krishna Prasad

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