Kerala Police framed false charges against Scientist: SC writes in the Times of India dated 15.09.2018
under the caption “SC awards scientist Rs. 50L for ISRO case arrest” as follows: Nearly 24
years after scientist Nambi Narayanan was framed and arrested in the so-called Isro spy
case, the Supreme Court created history on Friday by invoking constitutional powers to
direct the Kerala government to pay Rs 50 lakh as compensation to him for “blatant violation” of his right to life.

The SC held that Narayanan’s right to life was infringed on by wrongful arrest and torture and ruled that the compensation be paid in eight weeks. Narayanan was arrested in 1994 for allegedly leaking defence secrets relating to an Isro project to two Maldivian women — Mariam Rasheeda and Fauzia Hassan. Along with another scientist, D Sasikumaran, he was accused of selling secrets.

Though the concept of compensating a “wrongly arrested” person is absent in the Indian
criminal justice system, a bench of CJI Dipak Misra and justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y
Chandrachud ordered Kerala to pay the hefty compensation.

‘Narayanan underwent immense humiliation’ The SC permitted Nambi Narayanan to
proceed with his civil suit seeking more damages from the state government.

The bench said this was not a case where Narayanan was acquitted after trial and, hence, was not entitled to compensation. It said it was a clear instance of Kerala police framing him to inflict humiliation and ignominy when he was involved in a project to develop cryogenic rocket engines for Isro.

The court also set up an inquiry committee headed by ex-SC judge D K Jain to probe the
role of Siby Mathews, K K Joshua and S Vijayan in framing Narayanan as successive
Congress and Left Front governments led by E K Nayanar, A K Antony, Oommen Chandy,
V S Achuthanandan, Chandy again and Pinarayi Vijayan stoutly refused to proceed against the cops since 1996, when CBI closed the case, leading to Narayanan’s discharge. The CBI report had severely indicted the police officers.

Writing the judgment for the bench, CJI Misra said: “There can be no… doubt that
Narayanan, a successful scientist, has been compelled to undergo immense humiliation. The lackadaisical attitude of the state police to arrest anyone and put him in custody has made the appellant suffer ignominy.” The bench said it was aware that Narayanan had filed a civil suit for damages against the Kerala government.

II. Christin. writes in the Times of India dated 18.09.2018
under the caption “Framed, he died before hearing SC ISRO verdict” as follows :–

The TV screen in K Chandrasekhar’s hospital room bore in bright letters the news
he’d been waiting to hear for two decades. But he lay motionless. Formerly India’s representative to Russian Space agency Glavkosmos and one of the seven accused in the 1994 Isro spy case, Chandrasekhar (76) slipped into a coma on Friday morning, hours before the Supreme Court announced a Rs 50 lakh compensation for former Isro scientist Nambi Narayanan, another accused in the spy scandal. Chandrasekhar, Naryanan and four others were in 1998 exonerated by the Supreme Court in the false espionage case.

“We tried to show him TV grabs of the news but he was unconscious and didn’t respond,” a distraught K Vijayamma, Chandrasekhar’s wife and former general manager at Hindustan Machine Tools said. “It was the day he’d been waiting for but when it finally arrived, it was too late.”

On Sunday night, Chandrasekhar passed away and his family will never know if even a
strain of the news that he lived to hear ever reached him. The 76-year-old had been in a
private hospital for over a month due to prolonged illness. He breathed his last at
8.44pm in the Hebbal hospital.

Working as India’s representative to Russian space agency Glavkosmos since 1992,
Chandrasekhar spent the last two decades of his life in Vidyaranyapura, north Bengaluru, as a recluse after allegedly being tortured by Kerala police and IB sleuths. “What did they (Kerala police and IB sleuths) achieve in framing him? Who will be responsible for the trauma that we faced all these years? They ruined his career
and our peace of mind. They attacked our house in Kerala, called him a traitor and
harassed us. We want to know why they did it,” asked Vijayamma. The couple has no

Family members said Chandrasekhar kept away from the limelight and lived a low-key
life since the controversy broke out. “He was shattered after the incident. He always said
that time would prove his innocence. We were also confident that he was innocent. But he could not pursue the case since his wife was working in a central government establishment and he was worried it would affect her job as they were dependent on her income,” said a relative.

Sudhish Kumar, a relative, said : “I’ve seen him going abroad being part of various delegation and enjoying a lavish life but everything went for a toss after the case broke out.”

Chandrasekhar was allegedly stripped in front of interrogators, harassed and physically
abused when he was in the custody of Kerala police and IB sleuths.

1. The successive Congress and Left front Govts. of Kerala could stoop so low as to
hatch anti-India conspiracy, which has pushed Indian space research back by a 10 year period, besides unleashing barbaric torture on renowned scientists. Their votaries are
ranting the sky with anti-India slogans, in other parts of the country in Colleges and
Universities as well under the patronage of Opposition Congress.These vote seeking political monsters throw all norms of decency and decorum, principles and prejudices to the winds unashamed, and masquerade in the garb of political reasoning and hegemony. Shame must have fled to brutish beasts.



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